Scandinavian woven fabrics with long traditions


Annala offers a wide range of fabrics for the home and for the contract use. In addition to our own collection, we also manufacture fabrics on order and for special projects like public transports, hotels, auditoriums and restaurants (acoustic fabrics, special fireproof fabrics, slash resistant fabric, antibacterial fabrics, moisture protections etc.) 


International sales contacts:


Annala CEO/
Hanna-Maria Kortesoja
Tel. +358 50 557 0146
Lankilantie 90
62100 Lapua, FINLAND

Sweden and Norway (From 1.2.2019 →):

Stallaholm Textil Sweden AB/
Kenth Kling
Tel. +46-722-49 84 84


Scandinavia Tapeedisalong/
Pille-Riin Lass
Tel. +372 5039626
Pärnu mmt 66
10135 Tallinn, ESTONIA


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